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    Injection Desulfurization of 3×75t/h CFB boiler, Heihe Thermal Power Plant

    Release time:2009-08-12 Article source: Reading times: A+ A A-

    In response to the call of the national energy-saving emission reduction, CHPI, subsidiary of CNEEC did its bit on energy-saving emission reduction of Heilongjiang province, and took on the total turnkey project on the injection desulfurization project of Heihe thermal power plant 3×75t/h CFB boiler, and the project was completed in early 2009.

    After the signing of the contract, we did our level best on design, equipment acquisition and site construction. we completed within a specified time in the kinds of tasks, and passed the acceptance of the environmental protection agency. We raised our prestige with our perfect task.

    The circulating fluidized bed boiler injection desulfurization technology is the own patent of CHPI, it have made the commercialization of research findings in this project. the simple process flow, low equipment costs, low operating costs, small footprint, no secondary pollution and modest level of technical management are the characteristic of this technology, and this circulating fluidized bed boiler flue gas desulfurization technology is the most suitable for national conditions of China. We have got the key technology breakthrough with a mass of test data that come from our tests and researches. We used it in small boiler in practical application to prove that all the system desulfurization efficiency could over 90% with steam return. And we have reached the national leading domestic level.

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